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VM SHOWCASE: The Seasons of Nordstrom San Francisco Centre

The VM team from Nordstrom’s flagship San Francisco Centre walks us through their Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 looks.


October 2016: This trim was focused on a transportation theme, specifically inside different types of transportation, as you can see in the window production. The women’s window featured 3 different Space brands that we carried that all follow that lace and romantic trend. The men’s window was a mix of casual to dressy outfits that showcased our newest fall deliveries. The idea behind the fashion of the men’s and women’s interior moments were coat layering. Lastly, bombers. At flagship, we noticed that we had an abundance of bomber style jackets across all divisions of our store, so in addition, we wanted to create a bomber statement using forms to show different ways to style the bomber jacket.













Holidays 2016: If you have ever been into our store during holiday, we turn it into a winter wonderland with lights cascading down from the top of the atrium and holiday trim around the whole store. This year we had the addition of wooden Nutcracker Kings that we decided to anchor one of our windows with. Our other window features a wooden tree arch that has a spinning platform in the middle with a mix of women’s and means fashion for a fancy night out during the holidays. The interior moment with the red nutcrackers was another mix of men’s and women’s fashion featuring Canada Goose jackets for the cold winter season. The last interior presentation was a focus on velvet.













January 2017: Lunar New year window with a single mannequin dressed in Alexander Wang from head to toe. In addition we did another Lunar New year interior moment featuring a mix  of product from our via C department. Trend runway represents our “Pretty Game” trend which is a mix of sporty and soft with a pretty pastel color pallet.










February 2017: Our Spring 1 trim featured new Spring fashion that complimented window and interior trim. The men’s window supports the ‘Sahara Surplus’ trend, and the women’s window features Space designer, Marques Almeida, on all three mannequins. Outside of our store we have a large vignette that we featured new product from our handbags department that worked well with our composition and trim. Our mannequin army cap was a mix of product from our via C and Individualist departments to create two separate color stories that greet you when you get out of our third floor elevators. Lastly, we did a small Marc Jacobs moment in that same space as the mannequin army that featured the newest Marc collection.














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