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Fotis Evans for Hermès


London-based artist and furniture designer Fotis Evans is shaking up the world of luxury VM with conceptually complex installations inspired by architecture and classical furnishings.

Early in his career he was spotted by Somerset House in London who commissioned him to design a multifunctional book display for the museum’s new bookstore, with the resulting designs being featured by DEZEEN in their list of the top ten bookcases ever made.

At the age of 25 he was headhunted by French luxury fashion house Hermès to create a series of installations for their flagship store on Madison Avenue, after their Director of Digital Merchandising spotted his work for Somerset House. The result were five highly acclaimed sculptural installations, inspired by the book “Thomas Jefferson’s Walks in Paris” published by Arion Press, depicting 18th century Paris.

Fotis’ work has been hailed as bringing about a wave of change in how designers think about store window presentation. “People are bored by the literal,” says Fotis, whose work is anything but ordinary.



Hermès New York, 691 Madison Avenue 

Window display installation inspired by the brand’s exploration of “sporting life” and the book “Thomas Jefferson’s Walks in Paris”.













Hermès London, 1 Cadogan Place


To celebrate the opening of the new Hermès store in London, Fotis Evans has created a duet of installations, inspired by the brand’s history and craftsmanship. H-Beams are used in forced perspective to construct a swing alike industrial crane in weathered steel, echoing the brands strong presence throughout the years. The crane structure and the surrealist inspired shelf just like two living creatures suggest a dream of how products are created and brought to the store’s shelves and engage in a playful conversation of transversal design details within the range of products.

The horse, always a key element of Hermès, is depicted as a brutalist concrete staircase jumping a fence reimagined from the molecular structure of adrenaline and it is an effort to show how the brand’s attention to detail creates visionary aspirations of living reality.










Hermès Women’s Flagship Store, 691 Madison Ave


The window installations are an effort to depict an architectural and design world fabricated through the historical feed of the creative universe as archived online today. To achieve this, Fotis Evans is proposing a new sculptural furniture world of cabinets and dressers , that follow reimagined dadaist and surrealist techniques, such as bulletism, collage and fumage.

Highly polished mirroring stainless steel details interact with the installations and the street itself. On one hand they reflect parts of “the set” and on the other hand they reflect parts of the infinite movements on the streets of Madison Avenue, echoing the juxtaposition of “two distant realities” united to create a new one where history is maintained , reimagined , altered and renewed in an endless circle of visual information feed.












Hermès Men’s Flagship Store, 690 Madison Ave


Fotis Evans continues his work with Hermès with three experiential rooms displayed in the windows. Reimagined from the utopian Brutalist architecture, concrete and chalk volumes create infinite anechoic alike spaces attempting to make the crossing of 690 Madison and 62nd st. a point of personal reflection within an imaginary memory of a void of silence battled by the noisy surrounding reality.











Learn more at, or keep up with him on Instagram @fotisevans.